TIPS to look your best for your Senior Pictures

-Don't use a lot of hairspray, gel or other products in your hair when you come in for your senior pics.
-Your hair should move with you when you move.
-Don't forget to take that ponytail holder off your wrist.
-Don't get a last minute haircut or hairstyle change.  Give your hair a week or so to grow in.
-Don't forget your hairbrush or comb!

-Girls and guys should be sure to have fingernails freshly manicured, clean and filed. Girls need to
remove chipped nail polish, because it will show.
-Black and blue fingernail polish keeps popping up as a fashion trend.  Don't do it!
-Neon polishes may draw too much attention to your fingernails or toenails and might clash with
some of your outfits.  

-Oily skin, especially on your face is the enemy; the oil will make shiny spots on your pictures,
(especially on your forehead).  Wear a non-oily foundation makeup if you tend to have oily skin.
-Refresh your makeup with translucent powder during your senior portrait shoot.
-You can also get face blotters at the beauty supply or at your makeup counter that are good for
absorbing excess oil without messing up your makeup.
-Don't wear lotions or makeup with glitter in them, because that glitter will show up as tiny little
white spots all over your skin.
-You shouldn't use makeup with spf protection in it for your portrait session either.  Spf protection in
your base makeup has a reflective quality and will photograph as shine, so don't use it for portraits.  It
is wise to buy a makeup without spf anytime you are planning to have your portrait taken.  
-Use neutral eye colors, such as grays and browns. Avoid pastel shades and frosted shadows.
-Get a fresh tube of mascara so you won't have clumps on your eyelashes; your eyelashes are going to

-Chapped and or cracked lips are going to show. Moisturize and take care of your lips BEFORE your
session.  Make sure they're in shape for your senior picture day.

-While it's nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits, too much jewelry can be
-Organize jewelry by putting it in baggies and slipping over the coordinating outfit hangers so you
won't be hunting around for, or forgetting specific pieces when changing.

-Girls should shave under your arms the day of your photo session; many poses we do with senior girls
have their arms over their head and if you are wearing sleeveless tops, stubble will show and it's not
-Boys should be sure to shave their beards for the same reason.

-Sunburns are nearly impossible, if not impossible to "fix" or retouch.  Suntan lines are also tricky so
you should vary your tops and bathing suit tops to avoid the lines.
-Don't go tanning at least a week before your session, this includes the spray tans because they will
most often make your skin look blotchy in your portraits and we can't fix that.

-Short skirts or dresses limit your posing options, so think carefully before choosing this type of
-Our goal, is for the faces to be prominent, not the clothes.  For this reason, we discourage busy
patterns and bright colors in your clothing, they'll do the same thing, draw the eye to the clothes
instead of the subject.
-NEVER wear a lighter colored pant with a darker colored shirt; to do so, will make your bottom half
look larger than your top and that’s not a good look for males or females.
-Avoid busy or loud patterns because they'll overwhelm your face in your senior photograph
-Big stripes will add at least a dress size to your looks as well as distract from your face, don't wear
-Big logos across your chest are not only distracting, but
they are going to date your portraits.
-Strive for a classic, timeless look, something that will be in style now as well as 20 years from now.
-Choose varying styles of clothing, you need some different looks.
WRINKLES WILL SHOW in your portraits. Iron your clothes if necessary and bring them in on a
Student Pics know how to take great photos!
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